The Future of TUCCP

This Summer Temple University’s Center for Community Partnerships (TUCCP) will celebrate its first anniversary and later this fall TUCCP will honor 50 years of history, tradition and legacy provided by the Center for Social Policy and Community Development (CSPCD). All of TUCCP current projects were formerly associated with CSPCD this history and legacy informs The Center for Community Partnerships continued commitment to provide unique opportunities for services, resources and assets for the communities surrounding Temple University and Philadelphia. As a part of the Office of Community Relations TUCCP is excited about the future; a future to continue this scope of work and advance a mission to provide programming that focuses on three key areas: workforce and career development, youth development, and community development.

The future also provides an impetus to integrate new technologies and emerging industries as we develop workforce and career development programs that support transitions toward self-sufficiency and assist adults with overcoming illiteracy, and the future surely belongs to our youth and we embrace the obligation to implement programs that re-engage out-of-school youth and young adults with services that assure access to unfettered possibilities.

In this newsletter is information about programs that provide valuable resources for you, your family or community and please share your ideas for partnerships and collaborations as TUCCP moves towards 50 more years of bridging the needs of the community with the capacity of the University to assist its neighbors.

– Michael Clemmons

Acting Director and Associate Director of Workforce Development

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