Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning (WELL)

 Written by Ron Channey 

Temple’s Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning program or WELL, has expanded its outreach efforts and services. “This fiscal year alone TUCCP’s WELL Program has served over 600 Philadelphia residents who were seeking adult education services in order to improve their life circumstances,” explained the WELL Program Coordinator Carolyn Finklea.

WELL is one of the only four adult education programs in Philadelphia that is funded through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The program  not only offers high school equivalency prep for adult learners, but also operates and co-facilitates several workforce development related courses. All WELL services/programs are free for all participants. The services available include English as a Second Language (ESL), Digital Literacy training, Customer Service training and certification courses, and a Transitions Career Readiness course. Additionally, WELL will be expanding its offerings with a Citizenship course that will assist non-citizen residents with preparation of the naturalization process.

With changes upon the horizon WELL is looking forward to growing and improving so it can better service Philadelphia’s diverse population. For more information on WELL or how to get involved please visit

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