LNPWI Kick Off Event

By Kim Friel

LNPWI held it’s Kick Off Partnership Meeting September 25th at Esperanza.  Lead by LNPWI Executive Director Shirley Moy, it was a wonderful time for awarded partnerships to come together and discuss their program initiatives, which has been made possible by a $2.6 million Lenfest Foundation grant.

Temple University’s LNPWI is collaborating with 16 Philadelphia organizations to assist North Philadelphians who are unemployed, underemployed, and underpaid.  LNPWI will work with these organizations to fulfill unmet needs within the community they serve.

Lightening presentations were given by all organizations in which they described how their program would help benefit North Philadelphians.

Image Courtesy of Temple University
Partner organizations coming together at LNPWI Kick Off Meeting

LNPWI and its partners believe in taking a holistic approach in addressing the under served population of North Philadelphia, a part of the city with staggering statistics compared to the city as a whole.  Data shows that 43% of North Philadelphians between the ages of 16 to 64 are employed, compared to a 54% employment rate for the rest of the city. The median annual income for North Philadelphians is $25,000, drastically lower than the citywide median annual income of $42,500.  LNPWI has identified their “priority populations” to reach as non-citizens/immigrants, English as a second language individuals, people with a disability, benefit recipients, returning citizens, veterans, and opportunity youth (individuals between the ages of 16-24 who are neither in school nor working.)

LNPWI is excited to see what life changing resources these projects will bring to the community.  Meet our service partners here

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