by Loc the Dieu, edited by Shirley Moy

In 2014, the Office of Adult Education launched myPLACE℠ to offer residents centralized access to education and career development services in community-based partner program settings. The  myPLACE℠ system  has served 26,735 adult learners.  Today, the City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families is supporting a handful of  myPLACE℠ campuses with locations citywide.  With funding from the Temple University Lenfest North Philadelphia Workforce Initiative, the Office of Community Relations-Pan African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP) is hosting a self-funded myPLACE℠ campus, which provides assessment, academic and referral support. Services are offered during alternative hours, afternoons, evenings and weekends to community members.

Temple myPLACE℠ will work with other partner organizations in Philadelphia to provide adult learners with the resources that they need to succeed. Learners work with Temple myPLACE℠ Coordinator to complete Intake and Assessment, after which an educational counseling session is held to review their assessment results, discuss education and career plans, learn about partner program options, and receive a referral that best fits with their goals. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Temple myPLACE℠ offers most services online or virtually. Learners can access alternative educational tools and job-seeking services at their own convenience through the program’s Canvas courses.  Our wish is for  learners to meet their personal goals and enhance their lifelong learning skills.   Learners will have an opportunity to explore six specific industries of opportunity in Philadelphia:  healthcare, information technology, education, construction, manufacturing and hospitality. 

myPLACE℠ enhances our ongoing work to address the education-related challenges facing Philadelphians as they enter the workforce and obtain family-sustaining wages.


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