Reconstruction Inc.

By Ra’Vonne Pierre and Ulicia Lawrence-Oladeinde

Since 1980 PASCEP has provided services to incarcerated and returning citizens.  Services from prison, educational, spiritual and informational courses to referrals for housing, college admission, expungement and more.  PASCEP and LNPWI programs can help you build a foundation for your future.  PASCEP  collaborates with Reconstruction Incorporated, a 30 + year advocate and resource for returning citizens in the heart of North Philadelphia.  This program helps develop skills academically, socially, economically, spiritually and politically. Reconstruction Inc. provides access to resources and referrals, to help build networks of services to meet individual needs.  

The mission of Reconstruction Incorporated is to affect social change by forging individuals that were formerly incarcerated into an organized community of leaders working together to transform the criminal justice system, their communities and themselves.  The organization engages neighbors to work together to rebuild and add value to their homes, relationships, and ability to constructively shape the future of Tioga community and Philadelphia.  

Reconstruction, Inc. exists to provide spiritual, social, economic and political development skills that re-establish our sense of shared community life.  The Community Capacity Building Curriculum is designed for individuals, families, and community groups in and outside of penal institutions. This curriculum enhances protocols, agendas and processes that focus on developing our maximum capacity to principally govern ourselves.  Reconstruction Inc. administration believes that each human being is sacred and is valuable to themselves, the family, the community and to society. Each of us should be critical thinkers, good decision makers, and give principled leadership to our family and eventually change the world. This curriculum has three pillars, and is both interactive and transformative.

In order to achieve these objectives, Reconstruction Inc., engages members in collective, reciprocal work projects, training activities and creative cultural activities to forge unity from shared work and responsibilities. We aspire to offer political education for leadership advocacy and activism.

For more information:

  • Phone: (215) 223-8180
  • Email:
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  • Address: 1808 W Tioga St, Philadelphia, PA 19140

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