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PHA CARES: COVID-19 Action Response Educational Services

By Gulrukh Chughtai Considering the hardships that have been imposed upon the North Philadelphia Community due to COVID-19, the Philadelphia Housing Authority and the LNPWI,  along with Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Drexel University’s Wellness Hub and Temple University’s School of Medicine have come together to put a plan of action in place to help those … Continue reading PHA CARES: COVID-19 Action Response Educational Services


by Loc the Dieu, edited by Shirley Moy In 2014, the Office of Adult Education launched myPLACE℠ to offer residents centralized access to education and career development services in community-based partner program settings. The  myPLACE℠ system  has served 26,735 adult learners.  Today, the City of Philadelphia Office of Children and Families is supporting a handful … Continue reading myPLACE℠

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