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Through funds from the Lenfest Foundation, LNPWI uses a community-informed, data-driven approach to exploring workforce development and labor issues in North Philadelphia. These explorations are used to inform LNPWI and our partners practice and strategic investments. Many of our resources are produced in collaboration with our community partners and members of the OWL Collective. 

Take a look at some of our recent publications below. 

The Annual Impact Report offers an in-depth look at the work LNPWI and our partners have been doing over the last year. Contents of the report include details on our ongoing projects, partnerships, outcomes & outputs, and plans for next year. 

Impacts of COVID-19 2020 Report

The LNPWI Impacts of COVID-19 Report studies the ways in which the pandemic has affected our communities on a local, state, and national scale. The report observes patterns of disparities amongst marginalized populations and provides a set of recommendations that could be used to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in the future.

The Digital Divide is one of the biggest barriers to employment and career advancement. This report highlights some key challenges and potential strategies that education and workforce providers have identified through their experiences  in the field. This report is being used to drive digital equity and digital literacy efforts at LNPWI and in other OWL Collective member organizations.

This report, developed in collaboration with the Economy League of Greater Philadelphia, takes a community-driven, data-informed approach to understanding the workforce development and employment needs and assets of North Philadelphia. Using this knowledge, the report offers recommendations for strategic investments that will drive LNPWI’s work for the coming years. 

To see all of LNPWI publications, click here.

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